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Part No. VGL-8510
Brand: Vegas Glow

Up to 10 times brighter than regular neon
Pulses to music, i.e. sound activated
Extraordinary value

  • This listing is for 6” (152mm) length Blue Neon
  • Available in Blue, Green or Red. See separate listings
  • See chart further below for all lengths and colours available

Durable. Small. Intense.

  • Calling Neon Ultrabrights the next generation of neon tubes wouldn’t be fair
  • These small ultra-bright neon tubes are generations ahead!
  • They are smaller than your regular neon tubes and up to 10 times brighter
  • You know you’ve got something powerful when you have an intense bright light beaming out of your A/C vent or under your seat and you can’t even see the tube!
  • Up to 10 times brighter than any other tube
  • Place under seats or dash
  • Note: This product is intended solely for the purpose of decorative or off-road use. Check laws and/or regulations in your State regarding installation and use of this product.
  • Includes cigarette lighter plug and cable or can be hard-wired. Step by step instructions included.