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Importing and distributing this horn since 1966

Important: Not all Bull Horns are the same. The quality of the sound (and a major part of what you are purchasing is the sound) can vary from absolutely terrible to woeful and all the way up to what an authentic Cattle Caller should sound as with the Triple A Bull Horn & Cattle Caller.

There are many cheaper horns that sound like a tired old dog, but this is the best. Don’t buy it unless you want the most authentic BullHorn sound.

The parent company of Performance Warehouse has been importing and distributing this type of horn since 1966, that is, 48 years of experience with this horn. The Cattle Caller was first imported into Australia from Jubilee Manufacturing of Omaha, Nebraska, who had been manufacturing various horns since 1903 and who later specialized in novelty horns including the Mustang horn (whinnies like a horse), Piggyback Diesel (an early type of train horn), Beep-Beep horn (Roadrunner sound), ship’s foghorn, wolf whistles, klaxons, musicals to name a few. Jubilee are no longer in business and the horn is now manufactured by a supplier who has faithfully reproduced every component for a true authentic sound.

The Bull & Cattle Caller Horn was so realistic that in Nebraska USA and other U.S. states farmers used this type of horn for years to call cattle. In fact, our parent organization sold this horn to Dalgety Farmers Limited for many years. The horn in 1967 was written up in The Weekly Times (Herald & Weekly Times) a publication aimed at farmers and rural business, and the editor was amazed to see bulls and other cattle respond to the horn by walking or running right up to the fence adjacent to the car. That happens less these days as bulls and other cattle have in many instances become inured to the sound. However the sound remains as realistic as ever. Also many years ago in Melbourne and in Sydney these horns were sold to dairies that delivered milk to households and when they dropped off the milk they blew the horn.

  • Steering column mount lever controls tone from the moo of a cow to the full bellow of a bull
  • Red enamel trumpet (approximately 8” x 5” x 6-1/2”) mounts under bonnet with bracket that is included
  • The horn is all metal construction with a plastic top cover
  • Installation instructions are displayed on the box
  • For 12 Volt negative ground systems