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In the fast world of high-performance LS3 engines, the chase for increased power and better airflow has driven enthusiasts to build monsters with aftermarket upgrades. A crucial component that can significantly improve engine performance is your intake manifold. In this article, we delve into the realm of high rise intake manifolds...

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The intake manifold is more than just a component; it's a crucial player in the performance mix of any internal combustion engine. At Performance Warehouse, we understand the importance of air and fuel distribution, and how a well-designed intake manifold leverages pressure pulses to enhance the air volume into each cylinder,...

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Owning a classic car, particularly a V8 is all about power, performance, and the exhilarating driving experience it provides. To take your car to the next level and truly unlock its potential, upgrading key components is essential, here are our Top 8 must-have upgrades for performance.

Arthur Patras' Holden HK Monaro GTS327featured by Unique Cars, Photo by Ellen Dewar Navigating the world of classic car upgrades involves appreciating (and passionately arguing) about the distinctions between two popular styles: "restomod" and "pro touring." Whether you're eyeing the nostalgic charm of a restoration with a few minor mods...

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