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Part No. AAA-1288
Brand: Triple A

Item Description

The Loud Mouth 8 Sound 100 Watt Horn & PA System is of exceptional quality and possibly the loudest 12 volt horn we have available. The 8 sounds included are: ambulance, police, burglar, alarm, reverse, music, fire engine, defense siren and “Get out of my way!” Built with state of the art electronics to provide long and dependable service, The Loud Mouth certainly is unique and will attract attention far and wide to any vehicle, a truly superb novelty product it lives up to it’s name and will not disappoint! The Loud Mouth weighs in at 2.3kg, the speaker size measures at 18.8cm x 11.8cm and 16.6cm deep. The compact sound controller makes installation a breeze especially in vehicles with little open dash space.

  • Easy Installation
  • Universal fitment
  • Features 8 Novelty Sounds
  • Exceptional Quality
  • Compact Sound Controller
  • State Of The Art Electronics
  • Extremely Loud

Fitment Notes

This product is only compatible with DC (Direct Current) power supplies. Connecting to AC (Alternating Current) power supplies will damage the product and void the warranty.