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Part No. AAA-1002
Brand: Triple A

60 LED (2 DAYLIGHTS 30 LEDs each)



Item Description

Extra bright at a super low price

Another Unique Triple A Lighting Innovation

Triple A stands alone


Complete with Integrated Relay

Don’t be caught or fooled by cheap and totally inferior DRLs

Triple A Extra Bright LED Daylights feature:

  • Unique 2 in 1 Daytime Running & Position Light functions:
  • Function (a) Ignition on, headlights off, DRL at full 100%
  • Function (b) Ignition on, headlights on, DRL at 50%
  • 60 extra bright LEDs – 2 daylights 30 LEDs each. Very powerful.
  • This DRL system is very high quality
  • Universal type, however is not necessarily suitable for all cars
  • R87 Approved

For years many international road safety institutes and associations have been in favour of driving with lights on during the day as well as at night. This is already compulsory in many European countries. Daytime Running Lights, which switch on automatically, are especially effective in helping to prevent daytime head-on and front-corner collisions by increasing vehicle visibility and making it easier to detect approaching vehicles from farther away.

Don’t compromise your safety by using inferior daytime running lights (DRLs)

Why risk using a daytime running light that can’t be seen clearly in daylight?

Fitment Notes

  • To suit 12 Volt application
  • Includes wiring loom and detailed fitting instructions
  • Universal application, however is not necessarily suitable for all cars. May require body modification to fit.

Product Details

  • Mounting kit included
  • 2 in 1: Daytime Running & Position Light functions
  • Extra Bright
  • R87 Approved
  • 60 extra bright LEDs
  • Slim design
  • Original German design
  • With wire kit
  • 2 light units per box