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Part No. AAA-1351
Brand: Triple A
  • The 200W amplifier features a microcomputer which produces up to 18 various alarm/siren sounds.
  • Heavy duty chrome plated metal loud speaker. NOT plastic like many on the market.
  • The wireless remote not only functions as a keypad for the various alarm/siren functions but also as a microphone for the built-in PA system.
  • The included wireless remote features an integrated lithium battery. A USB cable and 12V socket car charger are included to recharge the remote.
  • Perfect for recreating a movie/tv tribute car and having fun at car shows. Great attention grabber. (NOT LEGAL FOR ROAD USE)
  • Amplifier must be mounted in a position that is not exposed to heat or weather. Ideal locations would be under the dashboard, behind a kick panel, under the front seat or in the boot. Ensure that the mounting location is away from any airbags. Note that wherever the unit is mounted it must have adequate ventilation.
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Current: >10A
  • Amplifier power: 200W
  • Sound level: 130dB
  • Kit includes:
    • Chrome plated metal speaker
    • 200W amplifier with built-in microcomputer (includes mounting screws)
    • Wireless remote control with microphone function
    • USB cable and 12V power socket USB adaptor for charging the wireless remote
    • 15A fuse
    • x2 wiring pigtails with connectors

Note: wiring instructions are printed on the amplifier.

Note: this unit is NOT legal for road use; it is for novelty off-road purposes only. Impersonating an emergency services vehicle is illegal.