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Part No. CAL-4476 & CAL-4506
Brand: Cal Custom - Brute
  • This brake master cylinder and booster set is universal, bolting on to most classic vehicles originally fitted with a larger style booster
  • The booster mounts with a 4 bolt pattern. The 4 bolts are in a perfect square and the centre to centre measurements is 3-3/8”
  • Check mounting hole centre to centre measurements for suitability
  • Includes:
    • 1-1/8” bore GM OEM style chrome aluminium brake master cylinder
      • 9/16” and 1/2” ports
    • 9” single diaphragm brake booster – zinc plated
  • Also available are a range of accessories such as:
    • Includes bracket that positions the booster out from the firewall and up at a slight angle. This can be removed if necessary.
    • Proportioning valves (non-adjustable and adjustable)
    • Proportioning valve brackets
    • Proportioning valve lines
    • Booster pushrod extension
    • Booster to pedal rod end/eyelets
    • Booster pushrod clevis
  • Cal Custom – Brute also offer a range of brake pedal brackets in both direct fit for various vehicles and universal pedal assemblies.

Note: due to this assembly being universal, modifications to your vehicle may be required to enable fitment.

Note: due to the boosters larger diameter, careful attention needs to be paid to the available space in the engine bay as some vehicles may have interference issues with valve covers, inner guards, bonnet hinges etc.