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Part No. JAA-MT-396C
Brand: Mtec

Genuine MTec Brand New Titanium Alloy Wiper Blade Metallic Blue 18 inch (45cm) Length

  • The excellent aerodynamic design of the all-in-one wing wiper assists in achieving crystal clear vision.
  • Strategically placed air holes use air pressure to increase the wiping motion and they also help to reduce unnecessary air resistance.
  • The use of molybdenum disulfide improves resistance to oxidization, UV rays and road chemicals as well as reducing friction and noise, thereby prolonging the life of the wipers.
  • Wiper blades are manufactured using the highest class of natural rubber. The wiper blades not only easily wipe off rainwater, but also oily water thrown onto the windscreen by road-spray.
  • The fully enclosed metal tension spring provides excellent protection against water, snow or ice resulting in improved all-season windscreen wiping performance.
  • Quick and easy DIY installation.

Note:  Listing is for 1 x wiper blade only. Purchase 2 x wiper blades to make a pair.

Important Note:
Certain vehicle applications require a different length wiper blade for each side of the windscreen. Please ensure that you check the length of your existing wiper blades before ordering.