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Porsche 911 Performance
by Mitchell Sam Rossi

Looking for the ultimate performance from one of the most renowned sports cars? Whether you enjoy high performance street driving or are looking to take your classic 911 to the race track, Porsche 911 Performance offers an insider’s guide on how to create an extreme 911. Through in-depth interviews with professional mechanics, high performance equipment manufacturers, racing teams and pro-race car drivers, this book reveals how to make this transformation in a manner similar to the factory’s racing development. Accompanied by over 400 detailed photographs, the author offers his hard learned lessons through entertaining yet informative chapters. You will quickly see not every stage went smoothly and will learn how to best avoid similar mistakes. In the car’s final form, its development proved to be a spectacular success on the racing circuit. This book is not only for the hands-on enthusiast who is searching for better control of their street 911 or for someone who is going for lower lap times in their Porsche race car – it is for anyone devoted to Porsche and the venerable 911.

138 pages.