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Part No. CAL-8992
Brand: Calflow
  • Helps align the front and rear engine covers for proper seal function and longevity. It is critical that the seals be aligned perfectly concentric to the front diameter of the balancer hub and rear sealing surface on the crankshaft. On LS engine, the oil pan is a stressed member and adds to block rigidity. For this reason in cannot be simply slapped into place along with the front and rear engine covers, and must be carefully aligned with the block.
  1. The Cover Alignment tool mimics the balancer to centre the cover on the front seal, OR locates on the ID of the seal bore in the cover without the seal installed.
  2. While the Oil Pan Alignment Tool mimics the oil pan, thus providing critical alignment of the oil pan and front cover.
  • Billet aluminium and steel. Very tight tolerances for a perfect alignment. This kit is a must have for engine builders and mechanics.
  • You will have to exercise care to align horizontally the cover to the oil pan.
  • Installation of front cover (no seal installed in front cover):
    • Loosely install the front cover
    • Install the seal tool over the snout of the crankshaft using the large end
    • Check the alignment to the oil pan
    • Tighten the front cover bolts to specifications
    • Install the balancer lip seal