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Part No. CAL-7611
Brand: Calflow

This manifold is essentially identical to the Typhoon model except it is designed with an open area under the plenum (commonly referred to as an air gap design) which helps cool the incoming fuel/air charge and produce additional horsepower. It has all the same features as the Typhoon. This is a truly outstanding high performance street manifold and one of our best sellers.

  • Suits Small Block Chev 1957-1995 fitted with Vortec cylinder heads
  • 1500-6500rpm range, ideal for a high performance street engine
  • Cast aluminium, natural finish
  • Suits square bore 4 barrel carburetors and throttle bodies

Calflow manifolds are cast in high pressure steel dies rather than the pour-in sand molds used by other aftermarket manifold manufacturers. This type of tooling costs 2-3 times more than conventional sand-cast patterns, but the finished product is worth the additional expense. And because the cores (which form the internal ports and water passages) are mounted in steel instead of sand during the casting process, there is no chance of any core shift, which sometimes go undetected in sand castings.