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Part No. CAL-1898-31
Brand: Cal Custom - Brute

For the ultimate in lightweight competition traction nothing beats the Cal Custom Brute superlite machined steel full spools in your Ford 9 inch rear end. At nearly the weight of aluminium and in stronger CNC-machined steel, our superlite full spool is the best value in strength and lightweight performance.

  • For Ford 9 inch 31 spline rear axles
  • CNC-machined to precise dimensions ensures top quality and fit
  • Superlite steel full spool weighs only 5.53 pounds versus 8 pounds for a standard weight spool
  • Premium steel construction provides superior strength without excessive weight, only ½ pound heavier than aluminium
  • Reduce rotating weight for quickest spin-up time to maximum rpm, and reduce unsprung weight