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Part No. OTH-1450CB
Brand: Outlaw Truck Parts

Chrome on Brass 5 Trumpet Truck/Train Horn Pedestal Mount

Length of trumpets:  270mm, 325mm, 355mm, 385 & 435mm

You may ask “Why are these horns at a higher price than other horns which Performance Warehouse imports and distributes?”


  1. These horns are chrome on brass, not chrome on zinc and brass as a raw material is much more expensive than zinc.
  2. The use of the material, brass, results in a superior finish and superior sound, a more resonant sound. The horns sound and look better like a Lamborghini is more exciting to drive and attractive than a Nissan 350Z. The manufacturer of these horns formerly produced the finest trombones and their experience and experimentation led to a series of chrome on brass truck/train horns.
  3. Finish on these horns is unbelievable. If you want the best in air horns, these are the best. Our parent company has had 49 years of experience in importing and distributing horns and stakes its reputation on our claims.
  4. The horns that have a pedestal mount as distinct from a bracket mount are more complex and more costly to produce. The pedestal mount series provides the firmest most stable mounting style of any air horn.
  5. These horns will retain their finish and appearance longer than any other horns.
  6. The old adage or saying “That you get what you pay for” is certainly true in regard to these horns.