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Aftermarket Carbon Fibre Hoods have become popular with performance-minded auto enthusiasts. The Japanese 4 cylinder enthusiasts were the first to use and popularize carbon fibre hoods, but the high-tech hoods have been seen on all types of vehicles in recent years including luxury cars and classic muscle cars.

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1.  Important note: Check listing carefully and make certain it is what you want as we will not accept returns on carbon fibre hoods. Phone 1800 722 227 (toll free) or 0401 006 816 if you have any questions.

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Therefore all hoods are available only by personal pick up from our Bayswater warehouse. Phone 1800 722 227 for further information. These carbon fibre hoods are extremely well made using the best in carbon fibre materials and are handmade and we want you to obtain the product safely and undamaged by personal pick up. However If you want the item to be forwarded by your road carrier, please contact us to discuss.

Carbon Fibre in Motorsport

Also Carbon fibre, boasting one-fifth the weight and all the strength of steel, has become popular in motorsport, where removing weight is just as important as adding power. The lighter a vehicle is, the better it will accelerate, stop and turn. Lighter vehicles are also more fuel efficient vehicles. Carbon fibre is used extensively in the construction of high-end race cars, such as those seen in Formula 1 and WRC.

Carbon Fibre Hood for Weight Savings

The benefits of reducing weight apply to production cars too. Manufacturers, including Porsche, BMW and Chevrolet, are starting to use carbon fibre to manufacture the roofs, hoods and other components of their high-end performance cars.

Many performance car enthusiasts, especially those who like to build and modify their vehicles, are eager to reduce the weight of their vehicles in order to improve performance. As such, these enthusiasts will often replace their car’s heavy stock steel hood with a lightweight carbon fibre piece.

Carbon Fibre Hood for Looks

Carbon fibre has become a sort of visual shorthand for performance in the automotive world. Hoods are very large and easy to replace, so those looking to make a bigger visual impact can add a carbon fibre hood to their vehicle for a sporty look, even if performance is not a priority.

This easy to install product comes finished with a gloss clear coat for protection and shin, no paint or prep work is required, and comes out of the box with a stylish and high tech carbon look.