Zinc 7" Dual Diaphragm Power Brake Booster

Brand: Cal Custom


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$125.95 125.95
  • This booster is universal, bolting on to most street rods, hot rods and other vehicles with no problem
  • This is a great upgrade from a single diaphragm booster. Dual diaphragm brake boosters offer 19-20% better stopping over the single.
  • The booster mounts with a 4 bolt pattern. The 4 bolts are in a perfect square and the centre to centre measurement of the master cylinder mounting bolt holes is 3-3/8”.
  • Check mounting hole centre to centre measurements for suitability
  • Fits all aftermarket master cylinders including Cal Custom, MBM, RPC, CPP etc


  • Not all Brake Boosters are the same – in quality of appearance and operating capability. They are not created equal.