Availability: Nil Stock
Part No. CAL-4556/140-BK
Brand: Cal Custom
  • 14" Street Lite design
  • Polished billet aluminium
  • Black leather half-wrap
  • Rear of wheel features milled finger notches for a comfortable grip
  • Standard 9 bolt, 102mm (4in) bolt pattern


  • Available in red leather half-wrap
  • Only available in 14” diameter

Note: 3 part numbers are required for every steering wheel package.

  1. Leather half-wrap billet steering wheel. Note all Performance Warehouse steering wheels of this type are supplied with the half-wrap professionally fitted to the billet profile steering wheel.
  2. Horn button. Choose a horn button that suits your style. These are listed separately.
  3. Column adaptor. Choose an adaptor that fits your application.

Available Sizes:

14” or 15½” diameter – OUTLAW CLASSIC & BANJO


Part No. Description
CAL-4550/140-BK 14.0” OUTLAW Half-Wrap Black
CAL-4550/140-RE 14.0” OUTLAW Half-Wrap Red
CAL-4551/155-BK 15.5” OUTLAW Half-Wrap Black
CAL-4551/155-RE 15.5” OUTLAW Red Half-Wrap Red
CAL-4552/140-BK 14.0” CLASSIC Half-Wrap Black
CAL-4552/140-RE 14.0” CLASSIC Half-Wrap Red
CAL-4553/155-BK 15.5” CLASSIC Half-Wrap Black
CAL-4553/155-RE 15.5” CLASSIC Half-Wrap Red
CAL-4554/140-BK 14.0” BLACKHAWK Half-Wrap Black
CAL-4554/140-RE 14.0” BLACKHAWK Half-Wrap Red
CAL-4556/140-BK 14.0” STREET LITE Half-Wrap Black
CAL-4556/140-RE 14.0” STREET LITE Half-Wrap Red
CAL-4558/140-BK 14.0” FIRE Half-Wrap Black
CAL-4558/140-RE 14.0” FIRE Half-Wrap Red
CAL-4560/140-BK 14.0” HUSTLER Half-Wrap Black
CAL-4560/140-RE 14.0” HUSTLER Half-Wrap Red
CAL-4562/140-BK 14.0” BANJO Half-Wrap Black
CAL-4562/140-RE 14.0” BANJO Half-Wrap Red
CAL-4563/155-BK 15.5“ BANJO Half-Wrap Black
CAL-4563/155-RE 15.5“ BANJO Half-Wrap Red
CAL-4566/140-BK 14.0” BOOST Half-Wrap Black
CAL-4566/140-RE 14.0” BOOST Half-Wrap Red