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Part No. TEC-1090BK
Brand: Takashi
  • Cost effective and durable ABS plastic
  • Measurements:
    • 165mm wide (210mm including mounting tab)
    • 40mm deep (47mm including flange)
    • 76mm tall
  • An easy and affordable upgrade for your E90, E91, E92 and E93. These Takashi Air Scoops are easy to install and give you great throttle response
  • An easy and economical performance modification that you can do to your E90-E93 model BMW. Fits most E9X models.
  • With the factory air duct design, the air travels through the grilles and hits the a/c condenser which is then spread out. The air is wasted by the turbulence that is created from the impact of the condenser. When you install these air scoops under the factory air ducts, it forces the air into the factory duct acting as a ram air design. The better the engine can breathe, the better performing the engine is going to be. You’ll notice a discernible difference in throttle response, as well as minor air intake (suction) noise from the added air intake.
  • These scoops are designed to be used with the factory air duct in place and uses the factory hardware. No modifications should be needed to fit these on an E9X BMW. M3 models may require 1 hole to be drilled for proper installation.