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Part No. CAL-F45DCOE
Brand: Calflow
  • This 45 DCOE 152 carburettor is supplied with 5 progression holes per barrel (see below video), Dyno operators found that additional progression holes smooth out the flat spots in the progression phase between idle and the main circuit, eliminating the lag experienced between 2,000rpm to 3,000rpm when compared to the standard 3 or 4 progression hole type 45 DCOE 152 carburettors.
  • It is based on the latest Spanish units, and is a replacement to the original 45 DCOE Weber carburetor, and features high quality casting and materials, precision machined.
  • All calibrated components are interchangeable; venturi, auxiliary venturi, emulsion tubes, main jets, air correctors, idle jets, pump jets, pump spill jet & needle valves. This means creating and maintaining your perfect tuning combination is easier than ever.
  • Standard Jetting:
    • Idle jet: 55F8
    • Main jet: 145
    • Emulsion tube: F16
    • Air corrector jet: 120
    • Needle valve: 200
    • Auxiliary venturi: 36
    • Venturi (choke tube): 8
    • Throttle plates: 78 degrees
    • Fuel: rated for unleaded petrol only
  • Item as per the photos, comes with a T fuel union, everything pictured is included.
  • Professional installation recommended (instructions not included)
  • Air cleaners and manifolds available separately, see our other listings.