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Part No. FED-1316C
Brand: Fedtro
  • Pressure Range: 2.75 to 4.0 PSI
  • Max Flow: 36GPH/136LPH
  • Universal electric pump fits all carburetor equipped cars, trucks etc.
  • Easy to install - 2 bolt installation plus the small size make installation easy. For best results mount the pump close to the fluid or fuel tank and below the liquid level.
  • Compatible with all fuels (except methanol): No rubber diaphragms or valves to swell or deteriorate in alcohol blended fuels.
  • Eliminates vapour lock.
  • Light weight - compact: Less than 5½“ long.
  • Self priming to 24 inches of fuel lift.
  • Lower power requirements, requires approximately 1 Amp at maximum delivery.
  • Built-in pressure relief.
  • Solid state reliability.
  • One wire design with case as negative ground.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Internal replaceable filter: 74 micron filter.
  • Voltage protection.
  • Comprehensive easy-to-follow installation instructions sheet.