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Part No. AAA-8361 & CAL-4524
Brand: Triple A

15” Laminated Wood Rim 9 Bolt
Steering Wheel - Flat
With Highly Polished Billet Aluminium Adaptor
For Volkswagen 1200-1600
Lightening Hole Spokes

Fantastic products at a super low price!

  • This is a 9 bolt steering wheel which comes with a 9 hole hub adaptor for Volkswagen VW Beetle/Bug 1959-73, 1200-1600
  • Finest individually hand-made laminated steering wheel using the finest selected walnut. These are handcrafted to very high standards and are impressive. Equal to or better than the best wood rim steering wheels in the world, but at a super low price.
  • The frame and spokes of this steering wheel are an integrated unit made of premium quality 6061-T6 billet aluminium. The wood rim is carefully riveted to the billet aluminium frame, which is then sealed with a clear finish. The underside of the wood rim has finger indentations for an excellent grip and feel.
  • The spokes are made of high quality 6061-T6 aluminium, highly polished with round lightening holes
  • The adaptor/boss is precision machined from premium quality 6061-T6 billet aluminium and is highly polished
  • Mounts directly onto the hub
  • This wood rim laminated steering wheel and polished aluminium boss are superb and of premium quality in every respect
  • This listing is for a 9 bolt laminated wood rim steering wheel plus highly polished billet aluminium adaptor. Does not include the horn button (i.e. CAL-4541 or CAL-4653 separately listed in our store).
  • This listing does not include horn button (refer to point above)