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The Brute rear ride control springs are of exceptional quality and will fit over most standard shock absorbers to provide better handling and will increase load capacity up to 1250lbs (Approx 567kg). The Brute rear ride control springs will adjust automatically to road and vehicle weight changes and help reduce bottoming out, swaying in corners and will improve suspension absorption as well as improve handling! A must have upgrade to your beloved car these Brute springs will make it drive as good as it looks! With the Brute Springs you will receive 2 coated coil springs, mounting hardware and detailed fitting instructions for an easy DIY installation!

  • Exceptional Quality
  • Fit Over Most Standard Shock Absorbers
  • Better Handling
  • Increase Load Capacity up to 1250lbs (567kg)
  • Adjust Automatically to Road & Vehicle Weight Changes
  • Reduce Bottoming Out
  • Reduce Swaying in Corners
  • Improve Suspension Absorption
  • A Must Have Upgrade
  • Mounting Hardware & Fitting Instructions Included