Brand: Vegas Glow


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$95.00 95.00

Usually sold for $295. Now a Super Special at $140 dropped even further to $95.

The most exciting neon product this century

Light can move up and down the tubes to music or engine revs

2 x 36” and 2 x 48” neon tubes

Note: This item is sold for show car and off road use only

Beautifully formed Control box has 4 modes – first two are for 2 microphones – first microphone that picks up engine vibrations or revs, second microphone that allows the underbody kits to pulse to the music, third mode to stay constantly lit, fourth mode allows the kit to go into a unique automatic fading cycle along the tubes.

The big feature that distinguishes Vegas Glow’s neon is our cool fading technology. This technology allows light to begin at one end of the tube and then move to the other end, filling the entire neon tube with light. This technology has now been applied to these unique underbody kits.

Contains 2 x 36” and 2 x 48” tough acrylic neon tubes (and not just any neon tubes), 2 heavy metal transformers to handle the power. All mounting hardware, 12 volt cigarette lighter plug-in. 8 page manual supplied. Brilliantly packaged.

Fitment Notes
8 page fitting manual included. We recommend fitment by a qualified professional installer, although it is possible to fit by an intelligent do-it-yourselfer.